Silicon Valley Recruiters Association celebrates five years!

By silicon_admin | January 7, 2020

This year the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association celebrates five years of bringing together the Bay Area’s talent acquisition and HR community for ongoing professional development. Our industry continues to evolve dramatically and organizations globally rely on talent leaders to scale their organizations, acting as change agents for inclusive workplaces while also building an employment brand […]

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Announcing: New SVRA Board Opportunities for 2019!

By silicon_admin | December 4, 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been four years since the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association was founded. It’s been so impactful and humbling to have had the opportunity to build an organization that continues to impact the bay area recruiting community in a such a meaningful way. In the spirit of end of year end […]

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Be a Voice for Recruiter Mentorship

By silicon_admin | July 2, 2017

The statistics don’t lie when it comes to the obvious importance of mentorship associated with professional at all levels of their careers. Last year, 83% of professionals expressed that they would like to be in a mentoring program, yet only 29% are in workplaces that offer them (Robert Walters Recruiting, 2016). Additionally, there are numerous […]

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The Power of Data-driven Recruiting: What Data Matters the Most?

By silicon_admin | November 8, 2016

Let’s be honest. There is a lot of information out in the recruiting industry right now on Recruiting Data. Between all the new data tools that are available to us and varying opinions on the subject…it can be a bit overwhelming to determine how to adopt a go-to strategy. As Talent acquisition practitioners, we are […]

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Startup Recruiting: 5 Tips Every Recruiter Should Know

By silicon_admin | March 4, 2016

Recruiting for a startup is drastically different from working in-house at a large tech company. If you are a versatile recruiter who is dedicated to the profession and ongoing learning, best practice recruiting fundamentals are pretty similar wherever you go. The variable that is so drastically different is pretty obvious: culture. Startups definitely have a sparkly, sexy […]

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“No one goes to college to become a Recruiter.”

By silicon_admin | January 13, 2016

“No one goes to college to become a Recruiter.” If you are in the Recruiting industry, you hear industry professionals saying this ALL the time. Though this is acknowledged widely in the industry, there is a very real question that continues to go unacknowledged:  So now that we have so many professionals entering our industry (especially […]

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Recruiters, nearly as in demand as engineers?

By silicon_admin | October 12, 2015

The topic of the next Silicon Valley Recruiters Association upcoming event comes at a very interesting time here in the world’s heart of tech. We live and work in an area where innovation is king, numerous new hot start-ups sprout up daily, and when company growth happens, it happens lightening speed FAST. Recruiting for Recruiters […]

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Why be a sponsor for Silicon Valley Recruiters Association?

By silicon_admin | May 7, 2015

We are so excited that Silicon Valley Recruiters Association is attaining such a following so quickly. In under a week, we have reached over 200 members in our LinkedIn group. We are eager to host our first event connecting the recruiting professionals in the worlds most booming tech market! We are a non-profit, so while […]

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Why I Co-founded Silicon Valley Recruiters Association

By silicon_admin | April 20, 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly six years since I started my career in the ever changing, wonderful world of Talent Acquisition in the greater Seattle area! Like many recruiters who start off in the industry, earlier on in my career I spent some time on the Agency side. Among many of the […]

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