The Silicon Valley Recruiters Association was founded in 2015 and is a nonprofit organization. Our community is home to the world’s most innovative companies and some of the world’s most visionary talent acquisition leaders. We believe that the work that is created here sets an example for businesses across the globe, within recruitment and beyond. We strive to be the global leader in education and training for those in the talent acquisition profession and to provide direct access to education and training best practices to our members.

– Share the most forward-thinking, industry best practices.
– Provide accessibility to industry education that is available to all.
– Always be inclusive versus exclusive.
– Connect the local and global talent acquisition community.

Join our movement. Whether you are considering a career in recruitment, are a corporate, agency, RPO recruiter, or are part of the talent product community, we welcome you!

To set the global standard for education and training for talent acquisition associations.

Our values are mission-driven and guide the vision of the work we create and share with others. They are to be visionary, inclusive, educational mentors, coaches, trainers, and networkers.